Learning Management System

What is LMS?

A learning management system is a software application for managing, documenting, tracking, reporting, automating, and delivering educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. The concept of learning management system is directly derived from e-learning.{source: Wikipedia}

Some Popular LMS

Abara: a platform with specialized training meant for organizations that want to improve performance in their employees.

Absorb LMS: a platform built to accelerate learning and drive results. The aim of this platform is to power your success.

Academy Of Mine: this platform helps businesses with unique content, and they do so in a way that greatly benefits them.

The academy LMS : this is the world’s most engaging LMS. It uses gamification to promote businesses.

AdobeCaptivatePrime:  this gives you, as the user, the complete control to deliver personalized learning experiences to your users, employees, customers, etcetera.

Agylia: this LMS gives employees as well as external audiences eLearning experiences infused with blended learning and continuing professional development(CPD).

aNewspring: a learning platform that allows companies to create content according to the abilities of every individual.

Arlo Training Management Software: this is a new world way of managing training effortlessly. With Arlo, you quickly learn how to adapt and grow your training business at your own pace.

Blackboard LMS: a digital learning platform for organizations and k-12 schools that provides a powerful learning environment that enables personalized learning wherever and whenever.

CanopyLAB: a platform for adaptive learning processes.

Cortex learn LMS: a cost-effective LMS that gives the opportunity to build and manage your content.

Canvas: open and reliable software that allows institutions to manage digital learning and enables educators to create online materials, access student performance, and receive feedback.

Claned: a digital learning platform that helps you create online courses for every purpose.

Coassemble: a platform that allows you to share information with your team

: a free e-learning platform that is aimed at globally imparting knowledge.

Classtrack.com:  a robust LMS that helps teachers and students keep track of administrative tasks and save time.

Cornerstone Learning: a platform that helps you reinvent learning and development by creating a culture of continuous learning for your employees.

CrossKnowledge Learning Solutions: this is a trusted partner of organizations that help them acquire needed skills to succeed.

Didacte: this is a platform that helps you sell your online courses on your training platform in a matter of minutes.

Docebo: a platform that supports your learning process from development to its delivery.

Easy LMS: this is used by organizations in every sector worldwide to educate employees without the hassle of extensive clunky systems.

eFront: an enterprise LMS that supports the most demanding and complex learning ecosystems.

Empowered LMS: a cloud-based platform, easy-to-use, that specializes in the employee, customer, and partner training.

eThink by Open LMS: this provides a fully managed e-learning solution that includes implementation, AWS cloud hosting, consultation, and management services.

Glo Learn: is a multi-award-winning platform that helps businesses deliver online learning with simplicity and efficiency.

: this has been named the #1 online learning platform for small businesses that enable you to deliver courses while still tracking your team’s progress seamlessly.

iSpring Learn: a cost-effective LMS that gives full support of a PowerPoint-based authoring tool.

Loop: a platform that guarantees performance at the pace, scale, and quality your business needs.

Learn Dash: the work of this software is to transform your word press site into a powerful learning management system {LMS}

Learn Amp: This platform drives engagement increases retention and improves performance through learning.

LearnUpon LMS: an easy-to-use LMS that helps you deliver corporate learning to employers and employees.

LearnWorlds:  this platform enables you to create a beautiful, social, and interactive online school. You can use it to create, host, and sell online courses.

Learning Bank: this platform combines learning management, onboarding, e-learning, and development in a user-friendly cloud-based LMS platform.

MasterStudy Education Word Press Theme: this is for everyone who wants to create their online platforms, {like courses, coaching, language, and e-learning centers}and impart knowledge worldwide.

My Learning Hub: an enterprise-level LMS with a built-in authoring tool and content library.

Moodle LMS: an open-source LMS for educators in all sectors that helps them create flexible, safe, accessible, and online spaces that are highly engaging for their learners.

MOS Chorus: the MOS {mind on site} platform helps with online learning for salesforce training.  

Nimble LMS: a platform that allows learners to be added to your courses, and they can choose their courses at their own pace.

Open edX: this online learning platform enables online campuses, instructor-led courses, degree programs, and courses at your own pace using a single platform.

SAP litmos: a learning management system for virtual learning in the now.

Talent cards: a mobile learning application that uses the power of microlearning to make a difference in its users.

TalentLMS:  a highly configurable cloud-hosted learning management system created to help users find a way to simplify how they facilitate online seminars, courses, and other online training programs.

Tovuti LMS:  a cloud-based learning management system {LMS} that gives you all the required/needed tools for creating, delivering, and keeping track of your e-learning programs.

Thinkific: an all-in-one platform that gives a stress-free process of creating, marketing, and selling online courses. It has been ranked as the #1 tool needed to run your education business.

Totara Learn: this is an adaptive LMS for transformational learning, with solutions that adapt to the unique needs of your business.

Violet LMS: developed by Violet InfoSystems, provides an already customized platform for companies to organize online courses for their employees.

Vowel LMS: a flexible LMS that gives freedom to manage either online or classroom learning.

Xperiencify: a gamified online course platform that creates a hyper-engaging experience for your students.

ZoomLearn: a learning management system on the cloud where corporate organizations can run their training by uploading their courses, and their learners can assign classes from the online marketplace.

360Learning: this is the first collaborative learning platform. With 360learning, you can craft courses at the speed of your business with 360learning’s collaborative authoring tool.

Schoolbox: this is a platform to drive engagement, mainly for k-12 schools, also referred to as a community portal.
DynDevice: a platform that makes training employees easy and effective with flexible online courses.
Eurekos: a native authoring tool used to create engaging and highly interactive content online.
NEO LMS: this LMS enables easy and effective learning activities that range from building online classes, assessing students, etcetera.
ShareKnowledge: this is a platform that helps highly-regulated industries with an unparalleled experience when it comes to stringent compliance requirements.
Skypiom knowledge management system: this platform not only ensures a fabulous learning experience but also focuses on the satisfaction of both learners and the organization.
SkyPrep LMS: intuitive online training platform that tackles learning challenges.
KMI LMS: a platform that caters to training needs for both startups and known businesses.
proProfs LMS: one of the world’s simplest LMS, ProProfs make your online course creation, and your online activities, easy.
Fuse: powered by knowledge intelligence, fuse helps employees improve their skills and performance, by connecting them with the needed knowledge and expertise.
Peoplefluent learning: named as a top 20 LMS by training industry, Peoplefluent gives employees tools to start, expand and align learning with innovateion and creativity in the workplace.
Matrix LMS: this LMS is known for providing all the essential tools needed for effective training.
Thought industries: this is a platform that focuses on customer education.
aNewspring: a learning platform that allows companies to create content according to the abilities of every individual.
WorkRamp: this caters to the needs of customers, organizations, and partners alike.
Auzmor learn: this helps an organization grow with their whole new level of training.
Joom LMS: this is an online platform with features that make learning easy.
Forma learning: this platform helps to manage, and also deliver online courses.
ZoomLearn: a learning management system on the cloud where corporate organizations can run their training by uploading their courses, and their learners can assign classes from the online marketplace.

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